Ever dream life can be more? Are you ready to take the next step in your life? Reiki can be the pathway through to discovering more of who you already are, as your answers be within you.


Reiki is an amazing healing modality that can open the being to a fresh and powerful way of healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual which restores the being to wholeness.


Embrace the potential that anything is possible and release old patterns, illness, disease, and worries.


Claim the ability to step into a new world, surrender the way it’s been. Fill with expectancy and find a new way, exploring the boundaries of self, love, fun and enthusiasm, and find a new clarity.


In 1996, inspired by Reiki Masters Denise and John Crundall and their Center in Melbourne, Australia, the Usui Reiki Center in Santa Barbara opened, offering the community a place to heal, learn, volunteer and expand to become more of who we truly are and to inspire people to heal in a new way.


Our intent is to provide Reiki and Reiki classes, workshops and retreats, supporting our community outreach programs, to offer an opportunity of going to a depth of understanding of self, another and the world, and taking responsibility for our part in it. We honor our lineage from Dr. Mikao Usui to our Reiki Masters, Denise and John Crundall and Ellen Rose.


We are a California, non-profit volunteer organization. We offer Reiki classes, workshops, meditation and retreats. We strive, daily, to uphold Dr. Usui Reiki Principles:



Just for today, do not worry.


Just for today, do not anger.


Honor your parents, teachers and elders.


Earn your living honestly.


Show gratitude to every living thing

Any use of the Healing Hands Logo or reference to the Mission Statement and/or Bylaws on this website, pertain solely to Usui Reiki Center California. Also, please note in Australia and Canada the word Center is spelled Centre.



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John Crundall and Ellen Rose, Reiki Masters from Australia, teach Reiki I and II, retreats and workshops in North America twice a year, generally in spring and fall.  Please visit our site regularly for the most up-to-date schedule. Become a part of this amazing journey and let the healing begin!


Upcoming Reiki Trainings and Events. If you would like to be notified of upcoming Reiki Trainings and events, please email SantaBarbara@UsuiReikiCenter.org and we will gladly add you to our email list. It is our practice to send email mass mailings with your personal email address protected as a ‘blind copy’. This is done to secure your privacy.


Non-Profit Organization. The Usui Reiki Center (URC) in Santa Barbara is a 501(c)(3) California, Non-Profit, Volunteer Corporation and is funded 100% by Annual Dues, and Donations from its members and supporters.


Facebook.  Usui Reiki Center has a page on Facebook. We encourage you to share an experience about Reiki, post a line from a Reiki II, a quote to inspire and lift one another in the frequency of Love that we already are. We invite you to invite your friends and family to become a fan and "like" our page, and to write on the wall.


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Usui Reiki Center

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The Usui Reiki Center is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Volunteer Organization,

  funded 100% by annual dues and donations from its members and supporters.

We are committed to honoring the original teachings of Reiki (see our Lineage) and upholding its integrity. It is our intent to do this by providing Reiki & comprehensive courses to enhance healing universally.


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